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Let Designs do the talking. The core of your web application is designed and built by Gene's architects and senior engineers with an eye for scalability, durability, and amazing functionalities.

Back End Development Solutions

State Of The Art Back End Development Solutions

Gone are the times when a company's most valuable asset was its cash. Nowadays, a company's most significant asset is the data it already has acquired. Here's where our backend technicians come in, delivering data management solutions that assist record data in a finer, more precise manner to organizations around the world functioning on just about any size.


Enter the evolving world with Design Gene’s distinct solutions

Design Gene strives to provide its customers with game-changing solutions and focused on productive outcomes that are beneficial for your business.

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Bring your ideas to real life with the help of Designs Gene

Designs Gene is a fully functional digital consultancy services that holds the experience to offer its customers solutions meeting all their needs. No matter the size or complexity of your organization, our portfolio ranges from high-end to small-scale projects and can cater to you with the best of experiences.


Let's build a custom backend solution.


The art of combining exceptional design with impeccable execution.


Full-stack web technologies

Designs Gene specializes in providing services for online shopping sites. Our web experiences are high-performing, user-friendly, perfectly functioning, highly reliable, and adaptable as your business expands. We specialize in a variety of services including:

  • Java
  • PhP
  • Python
  • ASP.Net
  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Rails
  • Mongo DB


What our valuable clients say

I have had quite a few projects done by Designs Gene. From web development to designing, content writing to SEO, they have proved to be experts in every domain. I can undoubtedly claim for Designs Gene to be super-efficient with their work. My work was delivered right on the committed deadline with no need for corrections. I am both, impressed as well as satisfied and would definitely recommend Designs gene to anyone look for quality work!

Emily Jordan

Head of Marketing

Designs Gene employs a proactive approach that has helped me cover all the possible loopholes one could find in the process of web development. Not only did they cover the entire process of development but also catered to my ideas and designs by illustrating them exactly how I asked them to. Their team is prompt with responding and delivers amazing results within the decided timeline.

Louis Martin

Technology Head

Getting web related services can generally cost a lot, at least that is what my research and experience forced me to believe until I came across Designs Gene. They are offering super affordable prices and also customize packages according to your business needs. Needless to say, they are extremely professional with their work and offer great value for money!

Amber Jamal

Marketing & PR Manager

This may just be a review to some, but for me I have never said anything truer. Designs Gene should be everyone’s go-to when it comes to web development, designing and content creation. Their work is not only phenomenal but also of a whole other dynamic that I have never seen before. I am one happy customer!

Joscelyn Henneton

Sales Manager


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